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My Repertoire

Explore my repertoire of services and strategic partnerships which can help bring your vision to life.

Grand Orchestra

Fractional EOS® Integrator

Ready to start "letting go of the vine" by bringing on a seasoned EOS® Integrator, but facing budget constraints or a limited candidate poolAs a Fractional Integrator, I offer affordable expertise, striving to make you so successful you'll need a full-time Integrator to take my place.

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Advisory Board

Running your business on EOS® with a strong Visionary/Integrator Duo, but seeking fresh perspectives or growth strategies? As an Advisory Board member, I provide expert insights to help you realize your vision faster.

Business Mentor

Integrator Coach/Mentor

Already have an in-house candidate you'd like to groom for the Integrator seat, but they lack the experience needed to be effective?  If so, I can coach and mentor them to set them up for success as your future Integrator.

Fists in Solidarity

Strategic Partnerships

GCE Strategic Consulting Logo

Led by Ken Paskins, GCE Strategic Consulting was one of the first Fractional EOS® Integrators in the industry. I've teamed up with GCE to leverage their proven EOS® Integrator processes, as well as their other experts in Revenue Enablement, Compensation Planning, Finance, and Executive Recruiting.

Blue Sky logo

Led by Joe Gitto, Blue Sky Exit Planning helps Visionaries build and execute a business succession plan "where the future is bright".  EOS® is a core part of their strategy to create additional value in the business prior to an exit.

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