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My Journey from Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur

I still remember the day a new acquaintance told me, "You're an Intrapreneur. You do entrepreneurial things inside a bigger company, working for someone else." I had never heard that term before, but it made an impression on me because it was true. A seed was planted that made me question whether being an intrapreneur for the rest of my career was what I wanted. And for a while, it was...

I was doing rewarding and interesting things, making a big impact, and frequently worked with colleagues that I enjoyed collaborating together with. I had a sense of accomplishment whenever I built new teams, turned around struggling departments, helped team members grow in their career, or took on leadership roles in departments I had never worked in before, so I was growing, too. To be honest, being an intrapreneur was also the safer path. A guaranteed salary with bonus and equity potential, health benefits and a 401k match. Why would I want to give that up for something much riskier?

But something was missing. I really wanted to put my consulting hat back on to help multiple companies grow. For the first half of my career, I helped clients transform and grow their business by implementing ERP and Supply Chain systems. For the second half of my career, I held numerous leadership roles in one company at a time to help them transform and grow their businesses. But it was my last full-time role that really inspired me to embark on my journey from Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur, and it also gave me a great framework to do it!

In my last full-time intrapreneurial role, I had the opportunity to leverage EOS®, which is the Entrepreneurial Operating System® as COO and EOS® Integrator. It didn't take long for me to wonder where EOS® had been all my life and wish I had worked with it earlier in my career. While I had previously implemented some similar concepts, the holistic approach of bringing everything together into a single framework that the entire company ran on was powerful. I loved the Visionary/Integrator duo and understood how beneficial EOS® could be to entrepreneurial companies across so many different industries. This was a great framework to successfully implement the vision for the company. The seed planted several years ago was now taking root and started to grow...

When it was time to take the next step in my journey, I decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new company, Crescendo Growth Advisor! I finally am putting my consulting hat back on, this time as a Fractional EOS® Integrator and will leverage this powerful business framework, along with my prior experience working in virtually all departments in a business, to help multiple Visionaries transform and grow (i.e. crescendo) their businesses to make their vision come to life.

I'm also delighted to announce two strategic partnerships that my clients can benefit from:

GCE Strategic Consulting - Led by Ken Paskins, GCE Strategic Consulting was one of the first Fractional EOS® Integrators in the industry. I've teamed up with GCE to leverage their proven EOS® Integrator processes, as well as their other experts in Revenue Enablement, Compensation Planning, Finance, and Executive Recruiting.

Blue Sky Exit Planning - Led by Joe Gitto, Blue Sky Exit Planning helps Visionaries build and execute a business succession plan "where the future is bright". EOS® is a core part of their strategy to create additional value in the business prior to an exit.

Since I am now the Visionary for my own business, I expect this will give me a new perspective that will help me better support my Visionary clients. I invite you to follow along with my future blog posts as I share new revelations and lessons learned while I help Visionaries "let go of the vine" and we all get to live the EOS® life.

Sneak preview... My next post will explain how I came up with the name Crescendo Growth Advisor and why an orchestra is a great analogy for companies that run on EOS®.

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