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Brenda Ferguson portrait

As a Visionary
you are the composer
of your business vision.

As your Integrator,

Brenda Ferguson will orchestrate

its successful crescendo.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Much like an Orchestra Conductor, a Fractional EOS® Integrator ensures team members work in harmony to play the right part at the right time.

Meet Brenda

Fractional EOS® Integrator

Brenda Ferguson is a seasoned Fractional EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Integrator who helps Visionaries bring the masterpiece of their business vision to life. 

She leverages her core strengths as a multi-faceted strategic leader, organizational turnaround expert and impressive growth catalyst, combined with her collaborative and inspirational leadership style, to help you take your business to the next level. 

Brenda Ferguson Full Length Portrait

What I Specialize In

Impressive Growth Catalyst

Organizational Turnaround Expert

Multi-Faceted Strategic Leader

Fractional Integrator and COO

Entrepreneurial Operating System ( EOS ® )

“Brenda was a tremendous asset for us at Stellar One. Her ability to organize and follow up helped us make a giant leap forward.”

Richard Sellar


CEO and Visionary at Stellar One Consulting

“Brenda has been one of the most hard working executives on my team and a strong advocate for our customers with total focus on doing whatever is necessary for the customer to be satisfied.”

David Shimoni


President and CEO at Denovo Ventures

“Brenda is results focused, team oriented and data driven. She is a top performer that is a pleasure to work with (and in the course of my career, you don't always get both).”

Mike Dillon


CEO at ElastiForce

Orchestra audience applauding

Prior Results (a sampling...)

Impressive Growth Catalyst

  • Skyrocketed qualified leads by 665% in 12-month period, valued at $346M

  • Acquired 20 net new recurring revenue customers in 18 months worth $3.8M/year

  • Expanded recurring revenue by 77% from 49 existing customers

  • Transformed marketing from a cost center to a revenue generation engine

  • Created 80% YoY growth with breakthrough training and marketing strategies

  • Launched sales enablement strategy to generate $98M incremental revenue stream

  • Spearheaded organizational transformation initiatives that doubled EBITDA over 2.5 year period

Organizational Turnaround Expert

  • Retooled an entire company to execute a major market pivot to align with Visionary's vision

  • Stabilized and grew a declining recurring revenue stream by 41% in 1st year and 79% in 2nd year

  • Developed and implemented Go to Market strategy to successfully combine 3 business units into 1 

  • Eliminated largest customer satisfaction issue, shrinking open incidents by 82%

  • Restructured and optimized $260M business unit to improve profitability

  • Cut customer time to reach “steady state” by 33% in less than 1 year

  • Improved quality to slash contract terminations due to Customer Sat issues by 71%

Multi-Faceted Strategic Leader

  • Drove major initiatives and built new teams as a full-time COO and EOS® Integrator

  • Held simultaneous executive roles in Customer Experience, Marketing, PMO, Managed Services Operations

  • Built and/or revamped Business Development, Account Management, Sales, and Sales Operations teams 

  • Collaborated closely with Finance and Human Resources throughout my career

  • Provided technology and change management consulting to drive digital transformation for clients

  • Worked in startups, publicly held, Private Equity-funded, and bootstrapped privately owned companies

  • Balances collaboration, people-focus and accountability to drive results and create a harmonious workspace

Sheets of music
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